Friday March 8th – In Honor of International Women’s Day – Panel on “Crafting Creative Jobs in the Music Industry” and Lecture “Hearing Gender Dynamics in Music”

Lecture: Hearing Gender Dynamics in Music? Feminist Approaches to Popular Music Analysis (L.J. Müller)

Industry Panel: Crafting Creative Jobs in the Music Industry (Laura Bell, Marg van Eenbergen, Cissy Joan, and Jo Sandow)

Within this symposium, we bring together successful women working within the popular music field in Europe, allowing them to reflect upon experiences working in male-dominated roles within creative industry positions and opening the floor for discussion.

We will begin at 15:00 with a panel discussion featuring Laura Bell (Managing Director at BMG), Marg van Eenbergen (Freelance Record Producer and Artist), Cissy Joan (Performing Artist, Urban House Groningen), Jo Sandow (Creative Strategist, Sizzer). Our illustrious panel is followed by a guest lecture presented by L.J. Müller,  PhD candidate in Musicology and Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin. For more information on our featured speakers click here.

We wish to invite not only Arts faculty  and student members of the university but anyone who may be interested in hearing more about gender dynamics in influential popular music career paths. Together we hope to explore how new gender informed forms of music analysis may contribute insight into the practical matters of getting somewhere in the music industry and vice versa, we aim to learn for these professionals, gaining insights about how to cope and thrive in this environment.