CFP: Women Are not Born to Compose

On 27-29 November 2020, a conference aiming to investigate the music and the role of women composers from 1750 to 1950 will take place in Lucca, Italy. The program committee welcomes papers including, but not limited to:

    • Gender and genre: women composers and musical genres
    • Women composers’ impact on the development of musical forms and genres
    • Analytical and hermeneutic approaches to women’s music
    • Virtuosity
    • Women composers and their self-belief in the context of contemporary views on female creativity
    • Reflections on women composers’ position in the history of music
    • The critical reception of women’s works
    • ‘Heroines of the Risorgimento’: music as a means of conveying patriotic and liberal ideals in women’s works
    • Social expectations and possibilities of professional training for women composers
    • Women composers’ writings about their music (and that of others)
    • How has the social status of women composers been changing along with the transformation of the socio-cultural context?

The keynotes will be given by Mariateresa Storino and Susan Wollenberg.

The submission deadline is 5 April 2020.

See the original call for papers for more information.