Panel Presentation at Groningen’s Eurosonic Noorderslag

Hoe krijgen we meer vrouwen op het podium? (How to promote more women on music stages?)

In recent years, a general recognition of the gender dynamics pervasive within music seems to be on the rise. But attention is mostly drawn to the gender disparity between professional artists. To better understand the practices disadvantaging women on concert stages, the time is ripe to shift attention to  focus upon talent platforms. While in music education programs, gender is well balanced, yet the informal routes to professional musical careers seem to disadvantage female artists disproportionately. In this panel, industry experts and gender scholars debate the gendered practices of talent platforms that continue to play a role in the gender gap within the music industry more broadly.

Panelists featured during this event will include: Kristin McGee (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Li Sang Ong (Conservatorium van Amsterdam), Chris Moorman (Popronde) Jorien Stravens (Popsport)